Refund Policy

We the team of is no doubt successfully providing its online medicine service. We can feel happy when they get delivered to their doorstep. We use to manage everything very sharp and up to the mark. So there is almost no chance which can prevail to find any claim of return.

It is according to the community laws in the USA. And based on that we cannot accept the medicine back after they were shipped: there are some more on the list of our refund policy. Let’s have a glance:

  1. The laws of the USA community are bound us, by which we cannot receive the medicine back which is once shipped.
  2. There we follow a provision where on the one hand we cannot accept the medicine return, but on the other hand, we are ready to exchange it with others in case it is a matter of misunderstanding.
  3. We know it is not possible to have no option in case of mistakes has been done unintentionally. So there we provide a privilege, which is as follows:
    • In case of a defective product
    • In case of damage during shipping
    • In case of expired product

NOTE: we would like to add some more details regarding the way of communication. So you can get in touch with the team of at

After getting your claim, our concern authority will approve it and then proceed to the return and refund process. We are always available at +1 484-318-9739. We are available 24/7 in your service.