Terms and Conditions

The company makes it legally binding for the individuals and organizations to adhere to the clauses of the agreement. While visiting the website, we deem it fit that you have affirmed of not violating the rules and regulations.

In case of inconsistency between two parties, the contract overrides the rules of the privacy policies.

Registration of users: 

 Users have to create an account on the website with information sharing not limited only to name, email, address, and phone number. Confidential financial data, including credit and debit card details, are also necessary to place and complete the order successfully.

Incorrect information:

In case wrong information such as address and a credit card are furnished, the company reserves the right to block and suspend the account of the users without further notification. If the problem is related to financial fraud, the legal prosecution can invoke the clause of the terms and conditions.

Order processing:

 Guests should create an account to order medicines from the website. The product is available only after the patients furnish the required prescription. The pool of elite doctors will analyze it and verified before the processing of the order.

Off the counter medications are available without a prescription, but certain drugs require permission from the relevant doctors.

The user also warrants that the products purchased are for the treatment process and not for reselling to third party entities.

Customers are also bounded by the law not to order medicines that fall into the category of Narcotics. If yes, they can immediately block from the website without prior warning. Users know that the company is not responsible for any damage caused due to the manufacturing defect of the product. It is only a retailer, and in case of legal dispute, the manufacturer has to face ramifications instead of US pharmacy (https://usmedschoice.com).